A new EuroCarrier 2712 for Jifmar Offshore Services

Neptune has delivered the Jif Marlin to Jifmar's existing fleet of workboats.

Neptune has delivered the JifMar to Jiffmar’s existing fleet of workboats by the end of August.

France-based Jifmar has welcomed another Neptune EuroCarrier 2712 recently. The delivery of this EuroCarrier upgrades the capabilities of Jifmar to supply integrated maritime solutions and offer specialised services for the offshore energy industry.

This new-build EuroCarrier has been build at the Neptune’s building location in the Netherlands within a short time frame. Despite the short time of delivery, the versatile design of the EuroCarrier 2712 has been modified to perfectly fit all demands of Jifmar and its operations. The multi-purpose vessel has got a bollard pull of more than 35 tons and a Dynamic Positioning system class 1.

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