Aquaculture Support Vessels: Innovative & Sustainable Solutions & Aquaculture & Fish Farm Support

Proven vessels optimised for aquaculture and fish farm support, and designed for easy integration of client systems


SPP 3511

  • Length : 115 ft | 35,00 m
  • Beam : 36.7 ft | 11,20 m
  • Type : Hydrolicer system

SPP 3117

  • Length : 100 ft | 30,50 m
  • Beam : 55.7 ft | 17,00 m
  • Type : Hydrolicer system

Supporter 4414

  • Length : 143.5 ft | 43,75 meters
  • Beam : 46 ft | 14,00 meters
  • Type : Hydrolicer system

Innovation through experience

Following the successful adaptation of existing Neptune vessels for aquaculture operations, we have used that experience to create solutions specifically optimized to meet the needs and challenges presented by the growing aquaculture industry. Special features for the aquaculture industry include:

  • Optimized for integration of clients’ equipment
  • Low freeboard for easy access to the water
  • Deck cranes
  • Hot and cold deck hoses
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Ample fendering

These support tasks including:

  • Construction and maintenance of fish farms
  • De-lousing
  • Towage of fish pens
  • General support tasks. We strive to develop vessels that fit your aquaculture challenges.

To fulfill specific demands, Neptune also offers different types of vessel formats including those of the standardized MultiCarrier and the Special Purpose Pontoon.

Optimized for the Hydrolicer system

We are pleased to be able to offer the environmentally-sustainable, chemical-free, Hydrolicer de-lousing system to complement our efficient and reliable vessels. The system can be integrated either with the optimal Special Purpose Pontoon or alternatively with the versatile Supporter.

Special Purpose Pontoon

Neptune’s Special Purpose Pontoon is a 101 feet (31 meter), non-propelled platform designed especially for the mounting and efficient operation of fish delousing equipment. It has a minimal environmental footprint and is laid out so that the fish handling operations and the control of ship’s systems can be performed by a single operator.

 Short delivery times our speciality

While proven designs, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality components and equipment ensure excellent reliability and minimal downtime, our integrated production process also delivers short delivery times. We work with each client to ensure that they have the vessel that matches their exact needs; rapidly finalizing the specification and delivering them in time to start short-notice new contracts.

This product is frequently used in markets like


This product is frequently used in markets like