Cooperation & Sharing Expertise Are Key to Achieving Excellence & Meeting Requirements

Neptune works closely with a range of partners to achieve synergies through cooperation and the sharing of expertise. They include naval architects, design agencies, suppliers of components and manufacturers of specialized equipment.

Blackfin Neptune Dredge Engineering (BNDE)

Blackfin and Neptune have teamed together as BNDE to provide a U.S. based Engineering Center of Excellence, delivering world-class vessel designs for support to the dredging market. 

From managing the capital and maintenance, to the remedial aspects of any dredging project, BNDE is capable of providing support for the entire life cycle of a project. 

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Modular Pontoon Systems (MPS)

MPS offers a broad range of modular solutions which include pontoons and modular workboats.

The modular solutions use container-sized (20 and 40 foot) units to build the platforms. Easily transported by truck, plane or ship, once the modular units are on-site a specialized and experienced team securely fastens them together to form a safe and rigid platform.

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Engbras Engenharia Brasileira (ENGBRAS)

ENGBRAS is an engineering company dedicated to the development of projects, manufacturing and assembly of conventional and tubular structures for the oil and gas sector since the 90’s.

Engineering developments include jackets, decks, modules, pipe racks and flares, as well as industrial sheds, oil storage tanks, special boiler works and service and industrial maintenance.

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