Sustainability and environmental impact are becoming major drivers of the maritime industry. Neptune Marine develops products and services that meet the continuously evolving needs of the maritime industry, now and in the future. 

Product development

To reduce emissions and be ready for tomorrow’s client requirements we have evoluted our standardized vessels, a portfolio of robust workboats with an impressive track-record of versatility and reliability, operated by contractors and operators. The introduction of various developments, ranging from propulsion to material use, ultimately leads to reduced energy consumption and more efficient operations for its users.

Alongside the development of our standard product portfolio, we also build innovative and sustainable vessels, including an LNG driven crane hopper dredger, hybrid diesel-electric multi-purpose tug and a Tier III compliant delousing unit for the aquaculture industry.

Collaborative innovation

We believe innovation is achievable, by listening to our customers and their stakeholders. For over 45 years we have been using valuable feedback from our clients and data technology to continuously evolve and improve our vessels and other marine equipment. As a result, our portfolio is strengthened with new innovations and sustainable technology, both in our standard vessels and custom products.

By sharing knowledge with suppliers we have all relevant knowledge to deliver products and services that meet the latest requirements regarding sustainability, emissions and innovation.

People & Environment

Neptune Marine is committed to work on business initiatives to increase our sustainability within society. Through innovative production methods, using renewable energy, waste reduction and other initiatives we hope to contribute to a more sustainable world.

As a family-owned business our people are one of our most valuable assets. We create awareness within our organization regarding our impact and promote the commitment of people to achieve our long-term goals and contribute to a sustainable maritime industry.