Neptune Americas successfully completed the transport & installation for an offshore cable lay project in the Middle East.

Neptune was awarded a contract to provide equipment and personnel for the transport and installation of a Carousel System in the Middle East.

Transport & Installation of Cable System

Neptune Americas was awarded and successfully completed the transport and installation of a flexible and subsea cable for a client in the Middle East. In providing both the equipment and personnel, Neptune completed the load out, tie down and set of the cables onboard their offshore vessel.

Over the coarse of two months onboard, Neptune’s personnel safely operated a carousel system weighing 7700 st (7000 MT), that had one 5.5 st (5 MT) two track tensioner systems. The Carousel system was built and delivered by Neptune.

Neptune Americas has experienced service teams that are skilled in reel lay operations. Specifically, the transport and installation of any reeled product; flexible and subsea cable, SS Control umbilical, Flexible Pipe and/or Rigid pipe. The company has the capability to install and operate reel lay equipment during installation as well as any welding, when required.

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