Tug 3515 Hybrid

The most significant feature of the Tug 3515 Hybrid is the diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system at the heart of the vessel.  The generators powering two 257 hp (192kW)  electric drives operate in conjunction with twin (1300 hp) 970kW diesel engines to deliver an optimal combination of performance when needed and minimal fuel consumption when she is using her DP system.

A user-configurable power management system offers different working modes (diesel-Hybrid-full electric) in DP1 or DP2 to match client requirements with the weather and sea-state, at an optimum combination of performance and fuel consumption. When the diesel engines and electric drives are used together, a boost of power is available for increased bollard pull  for towage operations if required. As an added bonus, the e-drives can also work as shaft generators to for the ship’s systems when it is free sailing or while mobilizing.